A Brief History of M-Space #1: The Blogs

I first began blogging 7 years ago, in January 2005, with a small blog hosted on Blogger.  Originally entitled Magnus’ Homebrew Blog, this was intended as a convenient way for me to keep track of my home brewing experiments and to share the results (the information, rather than the actual liquid content)  with anyone else who may be interested. The first post explained briefly what the blog was intended for.

Fairly soon, I realised that having such a specialised blog would not give me very many opportunities to post, given the relatively small amount of brewing I was doing, so I decided to expand the scope of the blog to cover a wider range of topics. Anyone who has followed my blogs, or looks back at the frequency of posting, will doubtless note a certain irony in this reason for generalising the blog content, but there you have it.  At some point, when I was getting quite heavily into knitting and that was reflected in my blogging, I renamed this blog to Magnus’ Homebrew Knitblog.

I also set up two other blogs to enable me to blog in other languages, mostly for writing practice, while keeping my main blog in English for the benefit of my largely monoglot family and friends.  The first of these blogs, which is no longer extant, was in Welsh and was called Cymraeg am Byth (Welsh for ever). I can’t remember quite when I started or finished it, but I don’t recall posting very much to it (and I don’t know why it no longer works, since both my other Blogger blogs have survived). The second one started out as an Esperanto blog (I forget what it was called then) in June 2005 and morphed into a Spanish blog, called No Hablo Español (I Don’t Speak Spanish), in January 2006 when my language learning interests shifted.  I only posted about half a dozen items to that blog in total.

My first round of blogging activities gradually drifted to a complete halt by May 2006.  By the end of December, probably thanks to being nagged about blogging by my brother Wulf (himself a keen blogger for many years now), I decided to restart blogging using the blosxom software that he was using at the time.  After a failed attempt to get this set up on my own website, I transferred it to some webspace that Wulf kindly offered me on his site.  Due to the initial intention of integrating it more closely with my website, M-Space, than the previous blog I called this one M-Space: The Blog.  Unfortunately, in my first post on this blog I seem not have gone into details about why I decided to make the switch, and I can’t now remember clearly.  I think it was largely just the chance to play with some new technology and also to get the blog running (in theory) as part of my own website.

I continued using that blog fairly sporadically from 31st December 2006 (almost exactly two years after my original blog started) until the final post in February 2010.  After that, for some reason, I didn’t get round to blogging again although I never made a conscious decision to stop.  In all those years, I never quite got round to setting up the full range of navigational tools and handy sidebars that I had intended.

Once again succumbing to fraternal pressure the other day, I decided to restart my blog.  Rather than just pick up the old blog where it left off, this seemed to be a good opportunity to explore WordPress (which I don’t think was in existence, or  at least I didn’t know about it, when I last rebooted my blog).  So here is the result.  Doubtless in a few years’ time I’ll start yet another new blog on a different platform and be able to add the next chapter in my blogging history.

I intend to follow this post fairly soon with another one looking at the history of my various websites (at least two of which have been called M-Space).

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