I love mornings…

If you know me well and you have been perceptive enough to spot that many of my blog posts have been published around 7am, you may be wondering how I have managed to be up and writing semi-coherently at that time of day.

The answer is not (sadly) that I’ve got access to a time machine or an IV caffeine drip to wake me up bright and early in the morning but that I often make use of the scheduling feature offered by WordPress.  That is, rather than publish my bloggings immediately, I line them up ready to be published at a specified future time (I haven’t tried scheduling a post for a specified past time, but I suspect it would publish immediately and list the publication date as specified).

Fridge Magnet

The principle reason for doing this is that I often get inspiration for several blog posts at once, but I prefer to spread the posts out a bit.  Also, potentially it gives me a chance to review what I’ve written before my random thoughts get unleashed on the world.  For both these purposes, rather than saving a post as a draft and having to remember to go back and publish it later, it’s convenient just to schedule it for future publication.

In case you’ve never had the pleasure of encountering me first thing in the morning, my feelings about the first part of the day are probably best summed up in the words of a fridge magnet that my boss gave me as a birthday present a few years ago: “I love mornings… I just wish they came later in the day”.