Shanks’ pony

I had a bit of mechanical trouble on my way home from work this evening, as the rear wheel of my bike seized up.  The good news was that I was within half a kilometre of home, so it wasn’t too far to carry the bike (having established that a quick roadside fix was out of the question).  The bad news was that I had been shopping so I had relatively full (and consequently heavy) panniers to add to the load.

On taking the rear wheel hub assembly apart, I discovered that the problem was a mashed bearing cone, which probably indicates that I didn’t get it properly adjusted when I changed the axle a few months ago.  I’m hoping that I should be able to get a new cone at the bike shop tomorrow, and it should be a fairly easy job to fix (though I’ll have to take more care with the adjustment this time).  However, it does mean that, tomorrow at least, I will have to walk into town instead of riding, which will take about three times as long and necessitate a somewhat earlier start in the morning.  It’s a pleasant walk if the weather’s nice, but I’d prefer to be able to spend a bit longer in bed.

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