Nearly showtime!

This time next week I will be getting into costume and enduring the tender ministrations of the make-up crew in preparation for the opening night of Iolanthe.  We had the penultimate ordinary rehearsal yesterday and have the final one on Friday, followed by a technical rehearsal on Monday (when we’ll be in the performance venue for the first time and sorting out details of lighting etc.) and a dress rehearsal on Tuesday, then performances from Wednesday to Friday.

By this stage it is, fortunately, beginning to come together quite nicely although it is still a little unpolished in places.  I’m confident that we should be able to put on a show that will be entertaining both for the audience and the players.

In case you happen to be in the area next week, the show is happening at St Paul’s Church in Colwyn Bay (starting at 7:30pm each night, I think) and tickets are available at the bargain price of £5.

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