Back among ὁι πολλοι

It’s getting on for a month since Iolanthe, which I was performing with the Rhos-on-Sea Savoyards in Colwyn Bay, finished and I’ve been intending to write something about how the shows went.

We had 4 performances, on consecutive evenings.  The house was comfortably full on the first three nights but surprisingly less full on the Saturday (which, being a weekend and the final night, would traditionally be expected to be the busiest night).  Although there were plenty of mistakes each evening (mostly different ones each time), things generally went pretty well.

One of the most memorable moments was when the Lord Chancellor missed one of his entrances on the first night.  The actor was sitting down in the dressing room revising his lines for the forthcoming scene and I was fairly sure that he was due on stage imminently.  Given that he’s got over 50 years experience as a Savoyard and I was new to the group, I was reluctant to say anything about this, but I mentioned it to one of the other established members of the troupe who gently raised it with him and was assured that there was plenty of time yet.  That was just a moment before the director came storming down the stairs to find out where the Chancellor was when he was supposed to be on stage!  The actress playing Iolanthe (whose last remark before his (intended) entrance was along the lines of “but, lo, here he comes…”) did a fine bit of ad-libbing (“I was sure I saw him coming. It must have been somebody else.”) and managed to keep the audience amused until he made it onto the stage.

I had friends go to see at least 3 of the performances and they all seem to have enjoyed what they saw, even on the Friday night, which was (for some reason) by far the weakest performance overall.  Several of them remarked how well I played the part of a pompous git – at least I hope they think I was only acting!

Sadly, the person who was giving me lifts across to the rehearsals has now landed a new job near Liverpool and will be moving away from the area very soon.  Since it’s a bit too far to cycle to Colwyn Bay every week and I don’t think it’s practical to get the train across every time, this means I won’t be performing in the next show (“The Mikado”, to be performed in the autumn) and quite probably not in any others.  I hope, though, that I might be able to get across and watch some more of the shows now that my experience of taking part in G&S has given me an increased appreciation for the art.

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