Over by Christmas?

Last week I enjoyed a very pleasant holiday down in Devon. As usual on my trips down there, I went along to Rosemoor, an RHS botanical garden on the edge of Great Torrington. It was quite nice to go and see it in the middle of summer (even if the weather was decidedly unsummery), as most of my recent visits have been in the depths of winter. I noticed on this occasion there were far fewer sculptures on display but, as you would expect for the season, lots more flowers and things to be seen than on my winter excursions.

As usual, I took quite a few photos (over 200, I think, this time – although many of them will be discarded at the editing stage). Unfortunately, however, I’m still working through my backlog of photos from my Rosemoor visit last Christmas Eve, which I want to finish before I get started on the new lot (I’ve already put up a few photos from other bits of my holiday, as well as a couple of other ones, on my Flickr account, though there’s more of those to follow too).

I’m hoping to get through the rest of my Rosemoor Christmas photos fairly soon and I hope to be able to get all the new ones processed before next Christmas, when I’ll hopefully be visiting Rosemoor again.

For now, I’ll leave you in the company of Julia, the statue of a girl sitting on the edge of a fishpond at Rosemoor. Although this is the official name of the sculpture (and presumably the name of the model), as I discovered a year or two back, I always tend to think of her as Rose, the not very original name I gave her soon after our first encounter (probably at least 10 years ago).

Rose in the Rain

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