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I’ve now had this blog for just over a year.  As soon as I set up my shiny new WordPress site, I put up an “about” page with a quick bit of placeholder text to say that details would follow soon.  A few months later I amended it to warn the reader not to hold their breath…

I have now, at last, got round to updating the about page to actually say something (admittedly, still not very much) about me.

[Grammar fans may like to pause to consider the different shades of meaning in the word “now” at the start of the two previous paragraphs.]

If you are especially interested in my blogging history, you may like to read one of my earliest posts on this blog, which was a history of my earlier blogs (but I won’t be mortally offended if you don’t bother).

Today is another landmark in the history of my blog as it’s the first time (at least in the current blog) that I’ve posted twice in one day (judging by my usual track record, twice in one month is above average:)  I must admit that I’m doing this more out of curiosity to see how WordPress handles multiple posts on one day than out of a belief that anyone will actually be that interested to know that my About page has been updated, so I hope you’ll bear with me.  (While in confessional mood, I should probably also admit that I just couldn’t resist the obvious title for this post that sprang to mind as soon as I’d finished the page update – that’s really the main reason for posting!)

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  1. WP handles two posts a day quite easily and also scheduled entries. You can both write something and set it to appear tomorrow (to spread out your apparent productivity) and write something to show as if it was published yesterday (if trying to maintain the illusion of a daily blog like, erm, some people I know!)

  2. I was confident that WP could handle multiple posts in one day, just curious what it would look like on my blog.

    I also knew about the scheduling facilities and indeed had already written this morning’s post (about Io) and the next two (currently due to appear tomorrow and on Monday, IIRC) before I wrote this one. If you spotted that this morning’s post appeared at around 7am I’m sure you didn’t think that I was up and writing that early!

    I find the ability to spread out my apparent productivity very handy as I quite often get inspired for several posts all at once and then go for quite a while before inspiration strikes again. I’m less bothered about filling in gaps in the past since I make no pretence of this being a daily blog. I usually aim to try and get at least one post per week and I’m not too unhappy if there’s at least one per month.


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