Goel Peran Lowen

March seems to be a good month for Celtic patron saints.  Last Friday was St David’s Day (the patron saint of Wales) and in a couple of weeks time it will be St Patrick’s Day (the patron saint of Ireland, although he was probably a Welshman).

Today it is the turn of St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall (or at least one of them – apparently he shares the honour with St Petroc and St Michael, although it is Piran’s flag that Cornwall uses).

Goel Peran Lowen is Cornish for “Happy St Piran’s Day” (using the Kemmyn orthography).  In Welsh, it would be Gŵyl Piran Hapus.

Meur ras to Sam for help with the Cornish language.   (Meur ras is Cornish for “thanks”, which doesn’t bear any resemblance to the Welsh, diolch).

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