Happy Star Wars Day!

Today is Star Wars Day.

If you don’t know why, think about the date for a while (and it may help you to imagine a Jedi with a lisp).  When you get it you will probably groan, but don’t blame me as I didn’t come up with the idea.

If you have no idea what a Jedi is, all I can suggest is that you should try to rectify this gap in your cultural knowledge as soon as possible by watching all the Star Wars films (or at least the original trilogy).

As it happens, that’s also what I’m intending to do over this weekend (though not for the sake of my cultural knowledge but merely because I love the films (with the exception of a few scenes / characters in the prequel trilogy) and haven’t watched them for a while), making full use of the fact that it is a bank holiday weekend.  Unfortunately I’m out this evening and will be busy for much of tomorrow but, even so I hope to get all six films watched by Monday night.

Much as I am looking forward to the promised sequel trilogy, it will make the Star Wars marathon somewhat more challenging (though still probably a bit quicker than watching the extended edition of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in one go!).

If I could have a lightsaber of my own (which I would dearly love), it would probably be a purple one like Mace Windu’s since that is a particularly cool colour (and probably the best thing about Episode 2).

May the force be with you.