A blog is born

You may have noticed that I occasionally like to write blog posts in Welsh.

Since I’m aware (if slightly surprised) that several people follow my blog and that not all of them speak the language of heaven, I have generally tried to refrain from writing too often in Welsh and, when I do, to provide an English translation or at least a summary of what I’ve written.

However, I have for a while been considering the alternative solution of setting up a separate Welsh-language blog, to enable me to keep writing stuff in English for the benefit of my family, friends and other random blog followers and also to write a bit more in Welsh without having to worry about translating stuff.  To that end, having discovered that I can register multiple free blogs at WordPress, I have now set up Gofod-M – the Welsh M-Space blog.  Of course, any Welsh-speaking members of my family, friends or other random blog followers are welcome to follow that blog as well as this one.

I may well continue to write occasional snippets in Welsh on this blog (with translations) and I’ll probably occasionally cross-post between the two blogs, although I envisage them having quite separate (though probably equally random) content.

If this experiment goes well, I may think about (or actually do, since I’m clearly already thinking about it!) setting up one or more further blogs in other languages so I can practice writing in those too.

NB: Unlike this blog, I’m not planning to automatically publicise posts on my Welsh blog on Twitter and Facebook, so if you use one of those to get updates on my blog and want to follow my Welsh blog too you’ll probably want to explore alternative means of doing so.  I recommend the RSS feed.


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