Good while it lasted

It seems that the lovely summer weather we’ve been enjoying for the last week or so has now come to an end, at least in my corner of North Wales.  There were clear signs of overnight rainfall when I got up this morning and the sky is threatening more rain soon; it was spitting slightly when I last went outside.  Actually, to be fair, the weather isn’t (yet) nearly as bad as I’d been led to believe it would be today.  It’s certainly overcast but it’s not raining torrentially as people seemed to be predicting (not that I got round to checking up with an actual weather forecast).

Still, the fine weather was lovely while it lasted and I’m sure we’ll enjoy the next bout (hopefully fairly soon) all the more for having had some slightly less wonderful weather in the meantime.  Also, if it does come on to rain properly, at least it will save me having to go out and water my garden.

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