Deep joy

I last visited Scotland in 1986.

I would love to go there again for several reasons.  Until today, one of these was to try a deep-fried Mars Bar.  Apparently this is a speciality of Scottish cuisine, if not exactly traditional.  The idea sounded quite intriguing and I had assumed that I would have to go to Scotland in order to find one.

However, today I was down in the centre of Menai Bridge, the town (just outside Bangor in North West Wales) where I live, and I discovered a Chinese take-away that was advertising Mars Bar fritters, which is just another name for deep-fried Mars Bars..  I lost a little time in going in to order one and I rather enjoyed eating it, while reflecting on the irony of buying quintessentially Scottish food from a Chinese restaurant in Wales.

Of course, I’d still love love to visit Scotland again and hope to do so before too long. Apparently you can also get deep-fried haggis up there, which I’d be even more surprised to find on sale in these parts.

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