More than one way to spruce a pizza

Since I invented the term noodlesprucing, I’ve practised that fine, gentle culinary art pretty much every time I’ve had a pizza (not to mention noodles and other sprucible comestibles).  Of course, I’ve been doing the odd bit of noodlesprucing for years, but it seems that now I’ve got a word for it it’s become the exception rather than the rule.

My standard pattern for noodlesprucing pizzas seems to have settled down into adding olives (black or green, depending on what I have in stock), chopped up bits of anchovy and possibly a few capers to a standard frozen pizza from my local supermarket (which, sadly, seems to have reduced its range down to about 3 options – pepperoni, ham and pineapple or four cheese; I particularly miss the excellent garlic chicken one they used to do).

It occurred to me this evening that, while these additions do a lot to enhance the flavour of the pizza, going for the same embellishment every time runs rather contrary to the spirit of noodlesprucing (which can be summed up by the saying “variety is the spice of life”).  Therefore I decided to try something different on tonight’s pepperoni pizza.  I sprinkled some caraway seeds and paprika on the top of it before putting it in the oven.

The result was excellent and it’s definitely a combination I’ll use again from time to time — though not every time I have a pizza!

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