2014 – Year of the Uke?

The ukulele is a musical instrument that appears to have been undergoing a bit of a renaissance in the last couple of years.

I have had a ukulele for quite a few years now.  I forget when I got my first one, but it was certainly well before they started becoming fashionable.

Since then I’ve played it (on and off) quite a bit and added a few more ukes to my stable.  Over the last few weeks, though, I’ve found myself playing it a lot more and taking a more definite interest in extending my chops.

One reason for this resurgence of interest is doubtless that my brother Wulf has also been getting into uke playing recently (largely due to a ukulele club he’s joined at his workplace) and I wanted to ensure my playing wasn’t too rusty when we met up at Christmas.

Another reason is that I’ve recently been introduced to the Bangor Ukulele Society (which is mostly, but not exclusively, a student group) by my friend Simon, who plays with them and also plays folk music (albeit not generally on ukes) with me and one or two others on Wednesday afternoons.  Unfortunately I’m not able to regularly attend their meetings, which clash with my Scottish Dancing commitments on Thursday evenings.  Still, the opportunity to get together with other uke players from time to time is a definite incentive to ensure that I can actually play the thing reasonably well.

My immediate musical interests tend to change fairly frequently, as there are so many instruments and genres to explore, so I can’t say for certain how much the uke will dominate my musical horizons this year.  However, at the moment I’m expecting it to feature fairly prominently in my soundscape over the next few months.

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