About 9 months ago, I mentioned that my library stats had reached 1000 plays for Johann Sebastian Bach (one of my two favourite composers) and suggested that Ludwig van Beethoven (my other favourite composer) would probably be passing the same milestone before too long.

Well, that time came and went (accidentally) unheralded some time last year – I’m currently up to 1,043 plays for Beethoven (probably 1,044 by the time I finish writing this) and 1,105 for Bach), but now seems like as good a time as any future occasion to post the quote with which I had intended to celebrate my first Beethoven millenium.

This is an inspirational quote from the maestro himself, which I discovered (on Facebook, as I recall) sometime last year:

To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.

A very small expenditure of time with your favourite search engine should show you, if you care to look, that this quote shows up on many websites – some of them with fancy typography or nice graphics (NB that’s a mathematician’s, inclusive, or!), although I don’t recall having come across it before last year.  I have, however, even without searching for it, come across it several times since my first encounter.

Anyone who has ever heard me play an instrument will know that I frequently play wrong notes.  I do try, though I’m not sure how succesfully, to play at all times with passion.

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