My Doctor Who read-through has reached yet another milestone.

Today I’ve started reading the novelisation of the 100th TV Doctor Who story – The Stones of Blood, which appeared as the 3rd story in the Key to Time season (aka Season 16).  I happen to rather like this season, not least because it includes one of my favourite companions (the first incarnation of Romana, played by Mary Tamm), although this isn’t my favourite story in the season (I think that honour would probably go to the next story – The Androids of Tara, which is essentially a retelling of the story of the Prisoner of Zenda with a few SF twists and one of the best sword fight scenes in all of Doctor Who).

Although this is the 100th story in the TV series, it’s the 99th one in the series of novelisations as the previous story (The Pirate Planet, written by Douglas Adams, no less) was the first of about half a dozen stories never to be officially novelised.  Apparently this was due to a disagreement between Adams and the publishers (Target Books) about contractual details.  Fortunately, there exists an unauthorised/unofficial novelisation by David Bishop, formerly of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club, which is freely available online in PDF format (along with the other stories missing from the Target line).

Furthermore, it’s not the 100th book in my Doctor Who library as I also have quite a few original novels (and a number of audiobooks), all within the span of the classic series Doctors (including, or in addition to, depending on your point-of-view, the 8th Doctor).  In fact, this is number 135 or so out of about 250 in my library (in the internal chronological order in which I’m reading them), so I’m just over half way through.

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