Not so bad

Shopping is not generally high on my list of favourite activities.

However, today’s trip to the supermarket (from which I’ve just returned) was made considerably more pleasant by two or three things.

The first was the free daily cup of coffee that Waitrose has taken to offering its customers, as one of the perks of using their loyalty card.  It’s not enough to entice me to the shop every day but it certainly adds an incentive to make the 15-minute walk down there (and, more significantly, the walk back up the steep hill bearing a load of shopping) when I actually have shopping to get.  It’s also great on the fairly rare occasions when I happen to be walking, rather than cycling, past the place while their café is open.  Perhaps I ought to modify the water bottle holder on my bike to take a coffee cup and see if I can get a nice long straw!  Anyway, I digress…

The other reason (or two, depending on how you count) was the combination of the beautiful weather we’re currently enjoying round here (sadly due to be gone by tomorrow, or so I’m told) and the small but rather pleasant patch of woodland backing on to my local Waitrose that offered a much nicer alternative to walking back along the road.

Actually, there’s another good thing about today’s trip, which is that I have a bottle of beer to enjoy this evening, but that wasn’t an immediate factor in the pleasure of the expedition itself.

I don’t think I’ll ever be very fond of going to supermarkets but it’s nice to be able to get some enjoyment out of it.