Mo is go, or no?!

For the past few years, I’ve been at least superficially aware of Movember – the annual growing of moustaches for fun and charity that takes place in the month of November. I have, however, generally not paid too much attention to it since I already have a perfectly good moustache as part of my full set of whiskers and had no intention of losing the rest of the beard.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends who has done Movember at least a couple of times in the past (though I’m not sure if he’s ever gone in for the fund-raising aspect of it) asked me, as he has done for the past few years, if I was going to do Movember this year. As usual, I just laughed at him (in my typical kindly fashion).

I expect you can see where this is heading…

Last week, I saw a poster which prominently featured the word November in a font with a very curly serif that, in conjunction with a bit of wire hanging in front of the poster, made me misread the ‘N’ as an ‘M’. A few days later I came very close to blowing a surprise birthday party that I was due to go to the following night by almost saying “see you tomorrow night” to the person whose birthday it was when he phoned me about something completely different just when I’d been making travel arrangements for the party with some other friends; I later remarked to them that I’d had a close shave, but felt the need to add that it wasn’t a literal one.

The following morning, when I woke up, all these various strands converged in my head to form a plan that I’m still undecided as to whether it’s a stroke of genius or just plain crazy. I suspect probably the latter.

As you will probably know if you’ve ever met me in the last 20 years or so, or seen any pictures of me taken in my adult life, I have a beard. I’m also very attached to it. In fact, the last time I shaved was in the summer of 1995, a month or so before I went off to university. I did come quite close the following year when I accidentally put the wrong guard on my beard trimmer and gave myself unintentional designer stubble, but that’s another story!

Over the years, I’ve had quite a few requests from people to see me without my beard (although to my own recollection I look even worse without it than I do with it), and if I’d had £1 for each of those times I’d probably have made quite a bit of money by now.

So, I had a closer look at the Movember website to see what it was actually raising funds for. I’m fairly sure that a lot of people do the Movember thing purely for fun, and others use it as a vehicle to raise money for other charities, but the Movember Foundation itself (which, incidentally is a registered charity in the UK – and I gather also across many other countries) is all about support for men’s health issues. To quote their own FAQ, their purpose is to raise “funds and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.”

I have had at least two friends who had prostate cancer. One of them (Peter) survived but sadly the other (John) didn’t. It is, therefore in honour of them, as well as to support the general work of the Movember Foundation, that I have decided this year to do the Movember challenge.

To do it properly, one is supposed to start with a clean shaven face at the beginning of November. This would, obviously, require (at least temporarily) the sacrifice of my beloved beard. So I have decided to share the challenge.

Here’s the deal: I challenge you – the rest of the world (and especially anyone who’s ever pestered me to get rid of my beard – you know who you are!) – to collectively donate at least £500 to the Movember Foundation through my MoSpace (which is the rather charming name they have for an individual’s or group’s fundraising page on their website). If that target is reached, or preferably exceeded (the more the merrier) by the end of October, I will shave my beloved beard off on the morning of 1st November, grow a moustache for the rest of the month and hold off on growing the rest of my whiskers back until December rolls around. If the target isn’t reached, the money that has been raised will still be going to this excellent cause (men’s health – not the liberation of my face from its fuzzy cladding) and my chins will stay hidden. I can but hope, but I’m not telling you (largely because I’m not sure myself) in which direction!


Coming Soon

I was aware that it was a little while since I posted anything on my blog, but I was surprised to discover when I looked just now that my last post was way back in April.

Since then I’ve done some exciting things such as visiting Canada (my first transatlantic expedition, complete with a very short stop in Iceland), acquiring a lute, having a successful summer of competitions with the Menai Bridge Brass Band, brewing my first batch of homebrew beer from scratch (actually that was done before my last post, but I was waiting to see how the results were before I blogged about it, and somehow never got round to it, although they were more than satisfactory), coming up with one or two other minor culinary innovations, upgrading my phone and re-reading both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. There have also been a few less joyous experiences, such as another spoke-related bike fail.

I will probably get round to blogging about some (though certainly not all) of that stuff sooner or later. First, though, is an exciting (and, for me, slightly scary) announcement that, all being well, will appear round about this time tomorrow on the blog…