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Here we are, almost three weeks into Movember and I’m still not entirely used to the beardless version of myself. I no longer wince every time I look in the mirror but it still definitely feels like I’m looking at somebody else. Suffice it to say that I’m fully intending to put the razor well away as soon as we hit December. I may even get round to writing a blog post on a different subject sometime soon too!

In the meantime, since the official Movember thing is supposed to be about growing a moustache rather than about shaving I thought you might like to see how I’m doing. So here is a snapshot I took yesterday. At the rate my moustache seems to be growing at the moment, I fear I won’t have much scope for fancy styling before I reach the end of the month.

My facial hair suffers from the unfortunate combination of being quite dark but rather slow-growing and not all that dense, which means that I start to look unshaven fairly quickly after I shave but it takes a long time to get a useful amount of hair to work with (or to provide insulation from the cold etc.). Therefore, in the unlikely event that I should ever do Movember again, I’d probably start by just shaving the non-moustache bits of my beard and get straight to work on styling a more interesting ‘tache rather than having to wait the whole month to even begin to reach a point I can start thinking about that. In fact, if I start growing my hair (i.e. the stuff on top of my head) now, I may be able to pull off a Derek Smalls impression sometime in the next couple of years (he’s the bass player from Spinal Tap, in case your wondering, and sports a notable handlebar moustache).

Once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to my Movember fundraising. The total currently stands at £900, not including Gift Aid (which is probably at least another £100 on top) so we’ve pretty much doubled the target I’d set.

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  1. Who doesn’t know who Derek smalls is?

  2. Well, you’d expect people to recognise the greatest rock bassist of all time, but there may be one or two unenlightened folk out there. 🙂


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