Happy Pi Day

Today is Pi Day (see this Wikipedia article if you want to know why).

I usually try to celebrate it by eating (and occasionally even baking) some kind of a pie but this evening I’m supposed to be going out for a Chinese meal with some friends (a belated Christmas celebration in fact), so I don’t know if I’ll get round to it.  I’ve also got a spotify playlist of songs about pie (or at least mentioning it in the title), which I may well listen to (as far as I can remember, it does include the song Pi by Kate Bush).

As far as I can recall, I came up with the idea of celebrating Pi Day about 8 or 9 years ago and then discovered shortly afterwards that it had already been thought of some years previously.  Actually, it’s probably more likely that I had already come across some reference to Pi Day and filed it away subconsciously.

If I remember, I’ll also be celebrating both Pi Approximation Day (most likely by eating something fairly pie-like) and Tau Day (by eating two pies) later in the year!