Deep-frozen Doughnuts

I recently discovered that doughnuts can successfully be frozen and then quickly reheated in a microwave.  This is definitely a good thing, as I enjoy eating doughnuts and my local supermarket usually has them on an offer whereby it’s cheaper to buy two packs at once but, much as I like to save a bit of money that way, I find that eating 10 doughnuts before they start to go stale is a bit more than I really want (and certainly more than I need).  Being able to freeze some of them means that I can still benefit from the discount but spread the joy over several days or weeks.  Also, it means that I have a tasty (if not particularly nutritious) snack on hand when I want it.

In my microwave, it only takes about 20 or 30 seconds to warm up a frozen doughnut straight out of the freezer.  Presumably that’s due to the high sugar content.  The slightly warm doughnuts are perhaps even nicer than the room-temperature ones eaten on the day of purchase.  I haven’t yet tried warming non-frozen doughnuts or letting defrosted ones cool down before eating them.  Also, my freezing experiments so far have been confined to apple and custard doughnuts.  As a self-respecting scientist, of course, I definitely need to do lots more experiments with a range of different doughnuts and conditions. 🙂