One of my favourite things about my local supermarket is that they often have cheese on sale at reduced prices to clear when it is approaching its sell-by date (when they are no longer legally allowed to sell it at any price).  This means that you can often pick up interesting cheeses substantially cheaper than they would normally be and when they are getting closer to the state of optimum readiness for eating (which is usually sometime after the sell-by date, at least for things like brie).

The most recent cheese I picked up in this manner is one that I’ve had before once or twice and which, despite my initial scepticism, is a cheese I very much enjoy.  Bowland is a Lancashire cheese with added raisins, apple and cinnamon.  It tastes remarkably (or perhaps not that remarkable, given the ingredients) like fruitcake and, since cheese and fruitcake is a well-established pairing, it works very well.

This is a cheese I usually enjoy on its own, in fairly small quantities (I’ve managed to make my existing piece last about a week, which is quite good going for me and cheese).  I did try a small amount with some cider, on the assumption that the apples in the cheese would complement the apples in the cider (and given that cheese (of the Lancashire/Cheddar variety, at least) and apple is another well-established pairing) and ought to work quite well.  Unfortunately I’d overlooked the fact that Bowland is quite a sweet cheese and my homebrew cider is very much at the scrumpy end of the cider spectrum, therefore this particular pairing was not a match made in heaven (my homebrew might work quite nicely with a good mature Cheddar, while Bowland could probably be washed down with a fairly sweet cider, but they certainly don’t go well together).