My first millenium

Today is a significant day for my listening stats, as I have finally reached 1000 plays for one of the artists in my library.

Unsurprisingly the holder of this distinction is none other than Johann Sebastian “Mighty” Bach (to borrow the epithet bestowed on him by Organ Morgan in Under Milk Wood).  Although the stats don’t represent the entirety of my music listening history (I listened to plenty of music before came into existence and quite a lot of my listening is still offline and therefore unscrobbled), I think in this case it’s probably reasonably accurate since Bach is my favourite classical (or, if you want to be pedantic, baroque) composer and some of his music is my favourite music in any genre, therefore I do listen to a lot of Bach.

Bach has been in first place on my chart for quite a long time, and is likely to remain there for quite some time.  The number two spot, equally long-lasting in both directions, is held by Ludwig van Beethoven, my other favourite classical (or romantic, for the pedants) composer.  It probably won’t be very too long before he also reaches 1000 plays in my library.

The third place is perhaps slightly more surprising as it is held by Laïs, described on as a Flemish folk group although I wouldn’t describe their sound as particularly straight folk music.  I’m not sure exactly how I would describe it (folk-pop is a possibility, although I don’t think that does it justice) but it’s a sound I like very much, particularly in their earlier albums.  Laïs itself is an all-female a cappella trio, although they are accompanied by a band on most of their tracks.

Coming in fourth place is Jethro Tull, with Norwegian Hardanger fiddle player Annbjørg Lien in fifth place.  Perhaps it’s slightly surprising that the first jazz artist doesn’t appear until sixth place on my list, but less surprising that it’s Thelonious Monk who takes this place, as he’s definitely my favourite jazz cat and I have several of his albums (with plenty more available to listen to on Spotify).

The next appearance of a classical composer is Johannes Brahms, currently in 11th place.  Going by the thumbnail photo of him that is currently adorning the library icon (and has been for quite a while, although they do sometimes change), he would definitely head my chart of most impressive beards to be seen on

Of course, the library charts only indicate how many plays of tracks by a given artist have been scrobbled (i.e. recorded to the database) and not even how many times I’ve actually listened to each artist, let alone how highly I value their music.  Still, if I could pick one musician from all of history to have a jam with, I couldn’t think of any better choice than J. S. Bach.