Crystallised Ginger and Gathia Mix

I forgot to take my lunch with me when I went in to work this morning.  Fortunately, I did have my wallet with me as I hoped to be able to pick up some herbs and spices that I wanted when I dropped down into town for a meeting, so I was able to buy some things to eat at lunchtime (just as well, too, as the herb buying was a bit of a non-starter – lemongrass doesn’t seem to be sold by many shops round here and cinnamon sticks appear to be undergoing a surge of popularity, judging by the fact that all the shops seemed to be sold out of them).

One of the things I got was a packet of Gathia mix, which looked similar to Bombay mix but was quite a bit cheaper (it was on special offer).  Although I suspect I’ve eaten it before, I wasn’t aware of having done so.  According to Wikipedia it’s similar to Bombay mix but generally a bit spicier and containing fewer bulk ingredients (as opposed to spices); it’s also called Gujarati mix, which presumably indicates where it’s from.  In any case, it’s very tasty.  I haven’t had Bombay mix type things for a while and forgotten quite how much I like them.

The other exciting thing was a bag of crystallised ginger.  That too is very tasty, although probably not all that healthy given how much sugar is in it.  I seem to recall that chocolate-coated crystallised ginger is particularly nice, so I might see if I can pick up a bar of dark chocolate to melt and dip some of the remaining ginger in it.