The Non-Stick Penguins have now made it on to YouTube, twice!

The first video is from our first open mic night last month and is of the song called Lorraine.  I’m playing bass ukulele on that one (on the left of the frame).  As far as I’m aware, the bass was quite a bit louder in the gig than it comes across on the video.  It looks like the video was taken on somebody’s phone so I assume it couldn’t cope with the lower frequencies, or perhaps it’s just my computer’s speakers that fail to handle it. Certainly the bass line gets easier to hear later in the song as it goes higher up.

The second is an audio-only recording of one of Jon’s newest songs: Big Fat Hairy Monster.  This one is actually a collaboration between us and a chap called Ken that I’ve never met.  He and Jon have done some songs together online (I’m not sure that they’ve ever met in person either) and in this case he’s taken a recording that we made at my house and overdubbed harmony vocals and a second guitar part.  I’m playing (soprano) ukulele on this one, and it mostly blends in with the guitars.

We played a second open-mic night last week at which we did our first live performance of Big Fat Hairy Monster (without Ken).  It was actually only about an hour after we’d made the recording, which was the first time Rob and I had played the song.  The live performance wasn’t entirely polished, so I hope no one made a video of it!

Jon assures me that the song, which contains references to “a big fat hairy monster with big fat hairy legs”, is not about me!


Non-Stick Penguins

I seem to have ended up in another new band!

More accurately speaking, a couple of friends and I now have a name to use when we perform together.  Instead of just being Jon, Rob and Magnus, we are the Non-Stick Penguins. So far our public playing has amounted to a handful of songs at an open-mic night last week, but there will doubtless be more.

I have known both Jon and Rob for quite a long time.  A couple of years ago, I started playing some guitar for Jon, who was writing and singing his own songs and needing someone to play them.  We did a few open-mic nights and informal gigs.  For the last few months we haven’t got round to making any music together but a few weeks ago we started again and this time it occurred to us to invite Rob, a mutual friend and fine guitarist, to join us.  Having Rob on guitar frees me up to play other instruments (so far mostly bass ukulele and violin) on the songs.

We have continued to play mostly Jon’s songs but for last week’s gig we also did a cover of the song Who’s going to lead the march upon the jailhouse by Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies.  It’s likely that we will do a few more covers (of songs by Harry and other people) in the future and we may even eventually do some of my songs, although I am not exactly a prolific (or especially talented) songwriter.