To see or not to see

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I found that it was foggy (or at least misty).

It was still quite misty when I cycled to work about an hour later, so (unlike most of the cars on the road) I made good use of my lights to help ensure that I could be seen.  I particularly enjoyed cycling over the bridge, as I couldn’t see the mainland until I was almost upon it and had to take it on trust that it was still there.  There was perhaps just a small part of me that hoped the mist would lift and I’d find myself in Narnia instead.

The sun was clearly shining behind the mist and I fully expected it to burn off within a couple of hours, so I was surprised to find it still around by mid-afternoon.  It ended up staying pretty much all day.

I had an optician’s appointment in the afternoon, which is the first one I’ve had for several years.  This was just a general check-up, as I decided one was long overdue.  It confirmed that my eyesight is still fine so, in the absence of external factors such as mist, I can see without trouble or glasses.

This morning when I woke up, I found that it was raining.  Cycling over the bridge may not be quite so much fun today.