Plans afoot!

It’s just over a week since my bike broke down and I’m still without wheeled transport at the moment ūüė¶

I was able to pick up a new cone and axle at the bike shop last Tuesday (the day after the wheel-related fail) but unfortunately it turned out that the hub itself was damaged and needs replacing. ¬†The simplest way to do this is to get a whole new wheel. ¬†I’m making use of the bike’s downtime to do some other maintenance, especially overhauling the bottom bracket which was beginning to get a bit wobbly.

A friend of mine has pointed me towards a charity called Recycle Cycle Cymru, which aims to salvage useable bikes and bike parts that would otherwise end up as landfill and to make them available to people who need them. ¬† As a way of financing the project (and helping to meet the landfill-avoidance goal) they offer bikes and parts to pretty much anyone who wants them for a small donation. ¬†I’ve been in touch with them and established that they have a suitable wheel for me (and the suggested donation is significantly less than a new wheel would cost). ¬† Fortunately they are based in Bethesda, which is only a few miles from where I live, so it will be quite straightforward to go and pick the wheel up (probably by bus, since I’m currently bikeless). ¬†Unfortunately, I can’t get it until the weekend (I assume that’s when the workshop will next be open, since they didn’t offer me the option of going earlier).

I should also be getting my old bike back from the friend who currently has it. ¬†That was an old but serviceable touring bike I was given about 10 years ago and rode for a while before upgrading to my current mountain bike (mainly so that I could go exploring off-road trails). ¬†After it had sat inactive in my shed for a few years, I gave it to a friend and it sat inactive in his shed for a few years before he gave it to a mutual friend, in whose shed it now sits inactive. ¬†I asked him if he was planning to do anything with it and he said I could have it back if I wanted it. ¬†I think it will need a little work to get roadworthy, but it will be useful to have a spare bike for when my other one is down for maintenance. ¬†In fact, it may even be a better choice of bike to use when I’m planning to travel exclusively on the road, since it has bigger wheels.