A match made in heaven?

I love coffee and I love beer.  Hence, a post I read today at the Kitchn blog caught my attention as it was all about java-infused beers, i.e. beers with coffee in them.

All of the five examples of commercially available coffee beers listed were stouts or porters, so presumably this is the type of beer that has been found to work best with coffee.  Unfortunately, it being an American food blog, the chance of me being able to find any of these beers over here is pretty slim.  I will have to keep my eyes open to see if there are any similar beers available on the UK market, or I will have to try brewing one of my own (it’s about time to get some more brewing underway in any case).   Apparently the coffee can be added to the beer wort while it is still hot, in the first stages of brewing, or can be cold-brewed into it later on.  I would probably go for the latter approach, so that I could try it first with a small batch rather than risk destroying too much beer if it doesn’t work.

Thinking about brewing coffee beer reminds me of my first naive attempt to make chocolate stout.  Unlike coffee beer, which does actually contain coffee, chocolate stout traditionally refers to a stout brewed with chocolate malt, which is just very dark roasted malt, and doesn’t have any chocolate in it.  As a student, I did some brewing with one of my housemates and we decided to have a go at a chocolate stout but didn’t realise what the name referred to; our approach to making it was to add some cocoa powder to the brew.  Although not a traditional chocolate stout, it was nevertheless a very tasty brew – probably one of the best we made together.  I have brewed a few other stouts and porters since then, but have not yet got round to doing another chocolate one (either with chocolate malt or real chocolate).

Perhaps if my experiments with brewing a coffee stout are successful I could combine the two ideas and make a mocha beer?