Deep joy

I last visited Scotland in 1986.

I would love to go there again for several reasons.  Until today, one of these was to try a deep-fried Mars Bar.  Apparently this is a speciality of Scottish cuisine, if not exactly traditional.  The idea sounded quite intriguing and I had assumed that I would have to go to Scotland in order to find one.

However, today I was down in the centre of Menai Bridge, the town (just outside Bangor in North West Wales) where I live, and I discovered a Chinese take-away that was advertising Mars Bar fritters, which is just another name for deep-fried Mars Bars..  I lost a little time in going in to order one and I rather enjoyed eating it, while reflecting on the irony of buying quintessentially Scottish food from a Chinese restaurant in Wales.

Of course, I’d still love love to visit Scotland again and hope to do so before too long. Apparently you can also get deep-fried haggis up there, which I’d be even more surprised to find on sale in these parts.

More (or Less) Toast

Ordinarily at this time on a Thursday evening, at least during the winter months, I’d be out at Scottish Dancing with the Caernarvonshire and Anglesey Caledonian Society (of which I am the chairman).  This week, however, we have a different activity taking place tomorrow so there is no dancing tonight.

The alternative activity in question is our Burns Night dinner, which this year is actually taking place on Burns Night as it happens to fall on a Friday (I’m not sure why we always have our dinner on a Friday, but that’s the way it is).  Unlike last year, I’m not due to be giving any of the toasts (probably just as well as I’m still recovering from having lost my voice due to a bad cold the other week), but in my role as chairman I will get the pleasure of introducing them as well as the after-dinner speaker.  I don’t yet know who is doing the toasts, or who the speaker is, so those will be nice surprises.  I am expecting that, as usual, Lyn (our dance teacher and the president of the Society) will be reciting Burns’ ode to the haggis at the start of the meal, which is always one of my highlights of the evening (as is eating the haggis, washed down with a wee dram of whisky and accompanied by neeps and tatties).

Incidentally, dancing will be restarting next Thursday night and is due to run every week until Easter (and then a few beyond).  It starts at 7:30pm and takes place at Canolfan Penrallt in Bangor.  We’re always happy to welcome new people along so if you’re in the Bangor area and fancy giving it a go you’d be very welcome.