Coming Soon

I was aware that it was a little while since I posted anything on my blog, but I was surprised to discover when I looked just now that my last post was way back in April.

Since then I’ve done some exciting things such as visiting Canada (my first transatlantic expedition, complete with a very short stop in Iceland), acquiring a lute, having a successful summer of competitions with the Menai Bridge Brass Band, brewing my first batch of homebrew beer from scratch (actually that was done before my last post, but I was waiting to see how the results were before I blogged about it, and somehow never got round to it, although they were more than satisfactory), coming up with one or two other minor culinary innovations, upgrading my phone and re-reading both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. There have also been a few less joyous experiences, such as another spoke-related bike fail.

I will probably get round to blogging about some (though certainly not all) of that stuff sooner or later. First, though, is an exciting (and, for me, slightly scary) announcement that, all being well, will appear round about this time tomorrow on the blog…