Losing my Sole

I don’t often have occasion to wear smart shoes and consequently I’ve managed to keep my last pair going for about 20 years (in fact they are my old school shoes). I’m not sure at what point in my school career I graduated to these shoes from my previous, smaller pairs, but I’m sure I had them for at least a year or two in which they got worn every day during term time. Since then they’ve had much more limited use, but have stood me well for events such as weddings and funerals (fortunately not too many of the latter) as well as gigs where I have to dress a bit smarter than usual (fortunately not too many of those, as it often involves having to iron a shirt too). They were also my stage footwear for my recent performance in Iolanthe.

Sadly, however, after the gig I was playing tonight (technically last night, as it’s now just about Sunday morning) the sole of one of my shoes decided to fall off. It possibly could be glued back on but since both the soles and uppers are wearing out somewhat, it’s probably time to lay these faithful old shoes to rest and invest in a new pair. Given that I’m unlikely to be giving them the daily wear that my school shoes got in their first couple of years, hopefully my new shoes will last at least 20 years too.

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